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After Origins and Traits characters may possess skills, mundane talents that grant them a benefit when performing a specific action or operating in a pre-determined field of expertise.

Skill Determination

To determine the number of skills a character possesses roll d% on the following table:

Roll Number of Skills
00-19 1
20-59 2
60-89 3
90-99 4

Using Skills

Such things as Acrobatics, Investigation, Pilot, Drive, and Martial Arts are considered skills; discuss the skills you would like a character to have with the Gamemaster for approval. A skill grants a +1 Row Step bonus (see p. 00) when making any rolls on the Master Table during an action appropriate to the skill in question.

Advanced Skills

With Gamemaster approval a character may take one advanced skill in place of two skills. An advanced skill grants a +2 Row Step bonus (see p. 00).

Advanced Option: Contacts

In place of a skill a character may possess a contact. A contact is a friend or acquaintance the character can call on for assistance. Contacts must be cleared with the Gamemaster though any reasonable contact idea should be automatically allowed. (Attempting to claim the President of the U.S. as a contact is going to be a lot more difficult to have approved by the Gamemaster than a low-level police officer.)