Point-Buy Character Generation

The text on this page is released under CC BY. Attribute to Bill Browne.

Character Generation

Character Points to Spend: 320.


  • Choose an origin: 0 points (origins have no mechanical effect)
  • +1 to a primary trait: 1 point
  • +2 to a secondary trait (Lifestyle and Repute): 1 point
  • 1 skill: 20 points
  • 1 contact: 20 points
  • 1 advanced skill: 40 points
  • 1 power: free (assuming it doesn’t have a Rank Value)
  • 1 power: 20 points (assuming it doesn’t have a Rank Value)
  • +1 to a power: 1 point (not including Magic)
  • +1 to Magic: 8 points

(randomly generated characters gain, on average: 42.5 for origin, 149.1 for primary traits, 19.15 for secondary traits, 46 for skills, 70.716 for powers = 327.496)

Obviously, the system is very open to abuse. Gamemasters should be wary of characters buying only one or two ranks in a power – a limit of 5 powers per character may help towards this.

Powers: In 4C System, there are two styles of power: powers that do not have (or need) a Rank Value because any character with that power gains its benefits, and powers that have and depend on a Rank Value. If a power needs a Rank Value, then purchasing it doesn't cost any points but buying ranks does. If it doesn't need a Rank Value, then it costs 20 points.

Character Advancement

The Gamemaster must decide on what style of game he or she is running. This will determine how many Fortune points buy one character point.

Type Description Number of Fortune Points to one character point
Bildungsroman A coming of age story in which the characters learn new trades, develop new powers and build new friendships. 3
Epic A story in which mighty heroes play out their roles, achieving great roles and undergoing some changes. 6
Myth A story in which powerful characters fulfil their roles, performing the duties they were expected to perform. 12