New Origins

The animalfolk, simian, mystic human, magically enhanced and mythic origins are released under CC BY. Attribute to Bill Browne.

Roll Origin
00-04 Alien
05-13 Animalfolk
14-19 Changed Human
20-24 Magically Enhanced
25-39 Mutant
40-44 Mystic Human
45-49 Mythic
50-54 Robot
55-59 Simian
60-84 Skilled Human
85-99 Technologically Enhanced
Magically Enhanced: The character depends on magical paraphernalia – possibly of his or her own design – for super powers.
Mystic Human: The character controls sorcerous energies to give himself or herself extraordinary powers.
Mythic: The character is a member of a pantheon, a spirit or a non-human servant of a god.
Simian: The character is an ape of some sort, intelligent – perhaps even super intelligent – and more human than most people.
Animalfolk: The character combines the traits of a human with that of a breed of animal. This may because of a divine curse, a totemic blessing, mutation, a magical curse or alchemical potion, lycanthropy or forbidden genetic modification.

Advanced Character Origins

As per standard character creation, roll randomly for traits, powers, and skills and then modify the results for the origin of the character:

Origin Modifiers
Magically Enhanced The character's Willpower is increased by +10. The character's Fortune is increased by +25.
Mystic Human The character loses one power but still retains a minimum of one power. When rolling to determine each power's starting rank, the player rolls twice and keeps the higher result.
Mythic The character gains an additional power.
Simian The character's Brawn and Intellect are increased by +20. The character's Repute is reduced to 0. The character's Lifestyle is reduced by 20 (minimum of 1).
Animalfolk Batfolk: You have the Detection power, using your sonar abilities. Most batfolk cannot fly, but they can use their prehensile toes as an extra pair of hands.
Birdfolk: You have the Flight power and +10 Coordination.
Bugfolk: You have the Body Armor and Burrowing powers.
Catfolk: You have the Night Vision skill and the Chameleon power.
Devilfolk: You have some of the properties of a Tasmanian devil. You have the Claws power (actually a bite attack) and the Trait Boost (Brawn) power.
Fishfolk: You have the Water Native power and the Swim skill at expert level.
Geckofolk: You have the Wall-Crawling and Regeneration powers.
Horsefolk: You have the Superspeed power and the Weapon (hooves) power. You may suffer penalties when climbing, swimming or balancing due to your hoofed feet. Horsefolk either have two horse legs or four (that is, they may be centaurs).
Kangaroofolk: You have the Superleap power and +10 Brawn and Melee.
Koalafolk: You only need to sleep 18 hours in each day.
Lupines: You have the Combat Awareness and Detection powers. Detection depends on your super-sensitive sense of smell.
Minotaurs: You have the Claws power (actually a gore attack) and you use your Claws power instead of Fortitude when rushing someone.
Satyrs: You have the Mind Control power and +10 Willpower.
Snakefolk: You have the Poison Touch power (see Heroic Moments 2) and the Sinuous Body skill.