Narrative Gameplay

The text on this page is released under CC BY. Attribute to Bill Browne.

This variant requires only a small change to the game: when in a non-violent situation, color results on the Master Table indicate the following:

Color Result
Black 1 Enemy Fact
Red 1 Fact, 1 Enemy Fact
Blue 2 Facts
Yellow 3 Facts

What is a fact? Any one statement related to the conflict or check at hand. You use these to establish what has happened and the circumstances under which it has happened.

Here are some examples:

Swimming: Anna’s character Salvation Jane is trying to swim across a billabong to escape her pursuer, Patterson’s Curse. She achieves a major success (yellow) so she declares these three facts:

  • The current carries Jane out of sight.
  • Jane scrambles onto the bank of a small beach not visible from land.
  • Her passage has awoken a crocodile.

Tactics: Richard’s character Patterson’s Curse is surveying the land, expecting an attack from Salvation Jane’s allies the Eureka Soldiers. He fails (black) so Anna declares this fact:

  • The Eureka Soldiers are perched, hidden, in the trees.

Escape: Mister Big (played by the Gamemaster) has sent his mooks after Ilanov Romanov (played by Seshan), who has taken to the rooftops to escape. With a red result, Seshan declares:

  • I land on the balcony of a startled young lady, who offers to shelter me.

The Gamemaster declares:

  • Unbeknownst to you, the startled young lady is Mister Big’s secretary Ms Small.