MBM Maneuvers

Advanced Maneuvers

All of the following are grandstands, meaning you have to roll a natural 12.

Most of these require some specific combination of Devourables, listed as “requirements.”


‘Clusterbanging’ is the art of developing synergies between your weapons, so that two of them fuse their effects into a single attack. There are many different ways to do it — using twin Gougers is very different from combining a boom launcher with an acid spray. Use your imagination.

Range: As the shorter of the two weapons.

Requirements: Two Devourables that list standard attacks, excluding the Up Down.

Effect: The Damage ratings and effects from the standard attacks are combined and simultaneous.

Master Munch

A highly specialized attack that requires highly specialized equipment. This is possibly the only attack that is more feared than a shot from an Onco-Canon.

Range: 1 hex

Requirements: Hypersnack and Lockjaw

Effect: Pick one devourable on your enemy’s bot. He loses it and at the beginning of the next turn, you have it. Mmm. That’s good eatin’ .

Lawyer Noise

There are (of course) no lawyers in utopia, and few people have any real concept of what a lawyer was. However, relying on ancient texts they are sure that they were something vile and repulsive. Fitting, then, that this savage maneuver is named after a profession now regarded as a sort of ancient-times boogeyman.

The Lawyer Noise maneuver consists of grabbing an opponent, holding him in front of your flinger, and then launching him — preferably into another opponent.

Range: 1 hex

Requirements: Gougers and Bonespear Flinger

Effect: The primary target takes Damage 8 and moves up to 6 hexes in a direction you choose. He must move in a straight line. If he lands in a hex with another bot, that bot is knocked back a hex and takes Damage 2, plus an extra point of damage for every level of Extra Meat the primary target possesses. The secondary target takes this damage regardless of his Defense level.

Fat City Sumo Ride

A perennial fan favorite, the Fat City Sumo Ride takes advantage of a fast but bulky meatbot by using its body as a battering ram to simply knock down and squash smaller opponents.

Range: 1 hex

Requirements: Explosive Leg Muscle Enhancement and Extra Meat

Effect: Your opponent takes 1 Damage for each level of Extra Meat your bot possesses. Both you and your opponent move two squares in a direction of your choice. Both you and your opponent lose 2 off your Move during the Movement phase.

Area Effect

Some weapons deal their damage in special configurations of area effect, usually in one of the three following patterns. Note well: Some of these configurations do damage regardless of the target’s Defend. These are the only weapons that can do damage when your attack roll is lower than defense — but the balancing factor is that these weapons are usually quite bulky and sometimes can be avoided simply with movement.


Explosive damage deals the full listed weapon damage to one hex. This hex is called “ground zero. ” Every hex adjacent to ground zero also receives damage, but at one less than the listed weapon damage. Further, even if the attack roll does not beat the target’s Defend roll, the weapon still does damage — it just does one point of damage less than it would on a bullseye hit.

Example: Jet has a boom launcher, which does Damage 2 in an explosive pattern. Two rival bots are in adjoining hexes and he wants to hit both. One has Defend 6 and the other has Defend 9. Using an 8 result, he puts the ground zero hex on the bot with the higher Defend. Even though he rolled under that target’s Defend, he still does 1 point of damage. The other bot is inside the blast radius, but the damage steps down a point because it’s not at ground zero. Because Jet beat that bot’s Defend, the weapon does its full damage — in this case, the single point for the wider blast area.

If, instead, Jet had aimed at the bot with the Defend 6, his 8 result would have done full damage because it’s higher than the Defend. The poorly-defended bot would take 2 damage. However, the pilot with Defend 9 would take no damage — he’s in a Damage 1 zone, but because his Defend beats the Attack, he avoids it.


Rays deal full damage in a straight line of five hexes from the weapon. Unlike explosives, this weapon only hits those targets’ whose Defends are equal to or lower than the attack roll.


Conical area of effects deal full weapon damage to a triangular formation of six hexes from the weapon. They only hit when the attack meets or beats each target’s Defend.