MBM Introduction

The Premise

It’s the future and everything’s perfect.

No, really. Everything’s perfect. No war, no crime, no illness, plenty of sugar-free soda with no unpleasant aftertaste. Mankind has solved its problems and is, at last, at peace.

Interestingly (at least from an early 21st century perspective) it turns out that watching really violent sports is an important, nay, essential element of a peaceful society. So every Saturday, a large percentage of the population gets together to watch giant bioengineered war machines knock the snot out of each other.

The pilots of these hulks are those rare atavistic throwbacks who still retain an urge to really harm others. While common in the 20th century, the instinct for mayhem has been largely removed from the race. Only one tenth of one percent of the people on Earth has what it takes to deliver a kick to the shins or a slap to the face.

You are in that .1%. You pilot the machines in the gladiator fights. You are an idol to billions.

You are a meatjock.

Stuff You Need

Dice: You’ll need a bunch of four-sided dice (referred to as d4), six-sided dice (d6), ten-sided dice (d10), and twelve-sided dice (d12) dice.

Hex Map: You can pick these up at any hobby or game store. For your convenience, a printable 8.5”x11” hex map is included in this document. Aside from the hexes, the map is blank so you can draw in your own terrain or modify it however you wish.

Miniatures: Again, you can pick these up at a hobby or game store. Any mini will do as long as the base doesn’t occupy more than one hex. It’s fun to mix n’ match minis from wildly different product lines to emulate the variety of meatbots at your disposal.

Meatbot Data Sheet: Fancy name for some scrap paper to keep track of your meatbot’s current stats. Because we’re so generous, we’ve included printable data sheets.

Tokens: If you’d like, you can use tokens to keep track of your meatbot’s stats and current condition. Tokens are faster than writing stuff down on your sheet, but they tend to clutter up the gaming table. You can use glass beads, loose change, or the teeth of your enemies.