Advanced Origins

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The first step in character creation is to determine the character’s origin. Roll d% on the following table:

Roll Origin
00-04 Robot
05-09 Alien
10-39 Skilled Human
40-59 Changed Human
60-79 Mutant
80-99 Technologically Enhanced
Robot: The character is a robot or perhaps some other construct, such as a golem. The Rank Values (see p. 00) of all Primary Traits (see p. 00) are each increased by +10. The character’s Repute (see p. 00) is reduced to 0.
Alien: The character is a being from another world or dimension such as a Martian, elemental, angel, or devil. The Rank Values of all Primary Traits are each increased by +10. The character loses one power (see p. 00) but still retains a minimum of one power.
Skilled Human: The character is a highly skilled human; any “powers” are actually superior training or specialized devices. The character gains three bonus skills (see p. 00).
Changed Human: The character was human but became superhuman through some outside agency, often an accident or experiment. One of the character’s Primary Traits (select one) is increased by +10.
Mutant: The character was born with or destined to develop superhuman powers. The character’s Fortitude (see p. 00) is increased by +10. The character’s Lifestyle (see p. 00) is reduced by -10 (minimum of 1). The character gains one bonus power (see p. 00) and all of the character’s powers should be innate and not derived from equipment. The character’s Repute is reduced to 0.
Technologically Enhanced: The character’s powers are the result of devices and gadgets. The character’s Intellect (see p. 00) is increased by +20. The character’s Lifestyle (see p. 00) is increased by +20.